Question: How much do you charge for a transport?

Though we are extremely competitive and will match any rate in Royal Oak ,Oakland County area, each transport is unique and depends on multiple factors. We encourage you to call us at (248) 607-3331 to get a quote.

Question: Can someone ride along during the transfer?

Yes, in fact we encourage care-givers to ride along if it's convenient. 

Question: How far in advance do I need to reserve a transport?

24 hrs in advance is preferred; however will try to accommodate most requests within a few hours if our schedule permits.

Question: Do you bill insurance companies?

Yes, please check with your insurance company to ensure you have coverage to allow for transportation.

Question: Will your Transport Specialist put wheelchair patients into the vehicle?

Yes! We offer a full service transport and we will transfer the wheelchair clients into the vehicle. 

Question: Do you transport to special events and group gatherings?

Yes we do accomodate large group outings, special events, sporting events etc. please contact our office (248) 607-3331 or Email us @ scheduling@royalparatransit.com

For scheduling, a drop off and pick up time, address and contact information will be required.

Question: How do I cancel transportation?

To cancel Transportation please contact our office @  (248) 607-3331 or Email us @ scheduling@royalparatransit.com

All needed cancellations should be made 24 hrs prior to scheduled pick up, any cancellations made afterwards may be subject to cancellation fee. Any cancellation made 3 hrs or less prior to pick up, will be subject to full fare charge.

Question: How many passengers can you carry?

Different vehicles have different passenger / luggage"storage" capacity, to set up appropriate vehicle please contact our Office @ (248) 607-3331 or Email us @ scheduling@royalparatransit.com 

Also note that if needed multiple vehicles can be dispatch to accomidate all required passengers.

Question: I lost my phone(or any other belongins) during transport, how do i get it back?

The Company is not liable for any lost or damaged belonging while on charter. Please keep all Personal belongings with you at all times and ensure you have them when exiting the vehicle. All vehicles are gone through and cleaned daily, if anything is found it will be returned to its rightful owner.